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A Clinical Guide To Alcohol And Drug Problems

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This book is written specifically for family or primary care physicians who encounter substance abuse in their daily practice. A Clinical Guide to Drug and Alcohol Problems provides a comprehensive overview to help diagnose and treat these problems. The first five chapters provide basic information on historical and cultural issues, plus the pharmacology of all abused drugs the physician is likely to come into contact with and the epidemiology and etiology of substance abuse problems. The author then addresses the clinical manifestions and course of addiction; diagnostic techniques; principles of clinical management, treatment, and rehabilitation of addictive and other associated medical disorders; and guidelines for public health approaches to the problem.

Alcohol, Sex, And Gender In Late Medieval And Early Modern Europe

RRP $274.95

This book examines drinking and attitudes to alcohol consumption in late medieval and early modern England, France, and Italy, especially as they related to sexual and violent behavior and to gender relations. According to widespread beliefs, the consumption of alcohol led to increased sexual activity among both men and women, and it also led to disorderly conduct among women and violent conduct among men. A. Lynn Martin shows how alcohol was a fundamental part of the diets of most people, including women, resulting in daily drinking of large amounts of ale, beer, or wine. This study offers an intimate insight into both the altered states induced by alcohol, and, by opposition, into normal relations in family, community, and society.

Alcohol, Power And Public Health

RRP $366.99

The World Health Organisation (WHO) advocates a structural approach to the reduction of alcohol-related harm. Rather than targeting individuals, it recommends that governments should control consumption through a combination of pricing strategies, restrictions on retail availability and, possibly, the statutory regulation of the advertising of alcohol. This book uses a comparative approach to examine the realities of shaping national alcohol policies along these lines. Alcohol, Power and Public Health explores the policy processes and factors which influence the circumstances within which the WHO-supported alcohol strategies are implemented or rejected at the level of individual states, in the context of the European Union. The book provides a succinct and accessible summary of the WHO's ideal, national alcohol policy, based on the view that policy should address alcohol consumption at population level. It then compares it with the EU policy approach based on the principles of a free market economy. The book uses four case studies - Denmark, England, Scotland and Ireland - to investigate in detail how this attempt at policy diffusion is managed within differing policy cultures. The case studies raise questions as to how governments might best balance public health interests against competing commercial interests and long-standing cultural practices. This book will be of interest to academics and researchers in public health, sociology, social policy and European Union studies.


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