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Key Steps To Alcohol Freedom

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Discover the Key Steps to overcome Alcoholism and Develop New, Healthy, Positive Habits Today!! The drinking disorder of alcoholism has reached epidemic proportions throughout the world. Most people believed that only those who've been drinking for a long time required treatment. A study refuted this perception, however that early detection is the key to stopping alcohol dependency. There are many approaches to treatment. The effectiveness of any form of therapy lies substantially on the person who is receiving it. An individual's willingness to change for the better is one key factor for treatment to work. This book offers guidance, proven tips and effective strategies for getting through the various phases of recovery and starting a new, better life! Inside, Key Steps To Alcohol Freedom, you'll discover: -The basic, essential facts about alcoholism -The various causes and symptoms of alcoholism -The effects alcohol can have on your body, mind, and relationships -How to transition from compulsive drinking to recovery compulsion -Strategies for handling difficult withdrawal symptoms -How to get the alcoholism treatments you need to break free and get sober -Self-help tips The road to recovery starts with one small step. Take that step now and discover your new life. Don't wait another second to get this life-changing book. Get your copy today!

Evidence-based Treatments For Alcohol And Drug Abuse

RRP $366.99

Research in the past decade has shown that substance abuse and substance dependence are treatable. The field has witnessed the introduction of evidence-based psychological and specific pharmacological treatments. Unfortunately, many of the empirical supported therapies for addictions are still not widely applied by practitioners. The third volume in the "Practical Clinical Guidebooks Series (PCG), Evidence-Based Treatment in Substance Abuse "and Dependence would encompass the developments in the field over the last decade, blending theory, techniques and clinical flexibility. The book will provide case illustrations on assessment as well as therapy, and will be suitable for practitioners and students training in clinical and counseling psychology, psychiatry, social work and related fields.
The book would define the characteristics, classification, and prevalence of substance use disorders, and provide the clinician with practical guidelines applicable across a variety of treatment settings and patient groups. Drawing on the recent research in the field, the authors will provide the practicing clinician and student with an up-to-date understanding of the epidemiology, etiology, course and prognosis of substance abuse disorders that would be relevant to clinical practice. In addition to describing phenomenology and etiology, the book provides a comprehensive guide to the assessment and treatment of DSM-IV-TR substance abuse disorders (SUDs), including abuse and dependence of alcohol, stimulants, opiates, hallucinogens, cannabis/marijuana, sedative, and party drugs. Illustrative case histories will help the reader to understand the phenomenology and assessment of SUDs. Lastly, the presentation of empirically-based therapeutic approaches will help the clinician to decide with treatment will match his/her patient's needs.

Alcohol, Sex, And Gender In Late Medieval And Early Modern Europe

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This book examines the effects of alcohol on gender relations in traditional Europe, focussing on England, France, and Italy in the late medieval and early modern periods, roughly 1300 to 1700. While alcohol causes physiological changes that are scientifically verifiable, the work of anthropologists reveals that much of what passes for drinking behavior and drunken comportment varies from one society to the next. In traditional Europe, as in modern Western societies, drinking led to increased sexual activity for both men and women, and it inclined men to commit acts of violence. Despite male fears of female sexuality and despite patriarchal restraints, women still consumed alcoholic beverages, sometimes in gargantuan amounts. This widespread consumption of wine, ale, or beer illustrates the importance of alcohol in traditional Europe. Alcohol was the ubiquitous social lubricant, and alcoholic beverages formed an important part of most people's diets.


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