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Oxidation Of Primary Alcohols To Carboxylic Acids

RRP $381.99

As the second volume in a comprehensive encyclopedia of organic reactions, this work provides an elaborated description of the experimental methods used for the oxidation of alcohols to acids. It supplies important data on possible interferences from protecting groups and functional groups, as well as on potential side-reactions. This is a must for anyone involved in the preparation of organic compounds.

Supporting People With Alcohol And Drug Problems

RRP $305.99

Social workers and other social care professionals regularly face the challenges of working with people with alcohol and other drug problems. Yet many receive little, if any, training for working with these issues. As substance use and its social impact on communities and families rises up the political agenda, this book offers a timely support for social workers and other social care staff working in this area. Supporting people with alcohol and drug problems addresses the current gap in social work and social care education. It provides a combination of research evidence, policy frameworks, and practical hints and tips for good social work practice. Based around practice examples supplied by social workers from both adults' and children's social care, it combines knowledge with action. It also provides an important introduction to the evidence base on assessment, intervention and partnership working with specialist substance use colleagues. This book is for all those working in children's and adults' social work and social care settings who are working with people who use, or have problems with, alcohol and other drugs.

Life Of A Recovering Alcoholic...and Golfer

RRP $18.99

Follow the life of Bob Nylund as he struggles with his addiction to alcohol for nearly 40 years before finally finding sobriety 35 years ago and counting. Bob describes his escapades as a young man, through his service in the Navy Seabees and beyond in a series of amusing tales, always with the dark cloud of alcohol abuse hanging overhead. By the young age of 20 Bob was hooked on golf and alcohol, thanks to a job at a country club and the availability of free drinks. Bob's issues with alcohol grew as did, unbelievably, his career and family. Through the hardships of accidents, illnesses and the tragic loss of a young daughter, Bob maintained his grip on alcohol. There were many years of binges, blackouts, detox and treatment centers. It took his daughter's wedding day ultimatum to help him decide he'd had enough. Bob finally found God and let go, letting Him, the LAST treatment center, several care groups and very good, caring friends help him to find sobriety and hold onto it tightly. So what about the golf? Bob golfed 1000 holes in 2012 at the age of 85 and repeated it the following year. At 89 he's still hitting the links. It is Bob's hope sharing his story will help others struggling with addiction and recovery to know they are never alone and there is always hope!


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